San Francisco Real Estate Market Update – October 2018

SF Unicorn IPOs Five San Francisco-based tech “unicorns” are planning on going public in 2019 Uber, Airbnb, Stripe, Pinterest, and Lyft Once they have their IPOs, their employees will likely take their cash windfalls and purchase homes in and around San Francisco, driving sales prices even higher The Beige Book Read More

San Francisco Real Estate Market Update – September 2018

The Conference Board is sounding a cautionary tone in its economic forecast: “Less support from monetary and fiscal policy, and a weaker global economy will gradually slow the economy to below 2.5 percent growth by the end of 2019. Already, higher interest rates along with labor shortages in construction, and Read More

San Francisco Real Estate Market Update – July 2018

Two economic conditions currently in the U.S. may impact the Bay Area housing market. The first is the mounting trade wars with China, Europe, Mexico and Canada. The second is the rising interest rates, tightening monetary policy and converging yield curve, the latter of which has been a recession indicator Read More