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San Francisco Real Estate Market Report – September 2020

San Francisco’s real estate market is currently a tale of two markets. The single-family market and the condo/TIC/loft market have fared very differently lately. Single-family homes continue to see high demand, multiple offers, and rising prices. Meanwhile, the condo/TIC/loft market is softening, and inventory levels are the highest we have Read More

Marin Real Estate Market Report – September 2020

Southern/Central Marin’s single-family home market is incredibly hot right now. The number of sales and median price is up dramatically over this time last year. Median prices are up a striking 23.5% and the number of sales is up 41.8%. Buyers are pouring out of San Francisco looking for more Read More


San Francisco’s real estate market has begun to reflect the impact of the lingering pandemic which has resulted in permanent business closures, job losses, and declining incomes.   Buyers are shifting measurably from condominium to single-family home purchases. This has resulted in a flattening condominium prices while the prices of Read More

Real Estate Q & A – Episode 8

Welcome to the latest installment of our real estate question and answer series. Every week we answer three questions from social media and the comment section. Q: Is real estate still selling during the current COVID-19 pandemic? A: Yes! In fact, we are seeing a lot of activity that is Read More