Napa Real Estate Market Report – September 2018

The Conference Board is sounding a cautionary tone in its economic forecast: “Less support from monetary and fiscal policy, and a weaker global economy will gradually slow the economy to below 2.5 percent growth by the end of 2019. Already, higher interest rates along with labor shortages in construction, and Read More

Napa County Real Estate Market Report – August 2018

Fortune Magazine’s recent article “The End is Near for the Economic Boom” is representative of the cautionary tone of a growing number of financial advisors, investors and economists that the expansionary economy we’ve had since 2009 is nearing its end. Facebook’s dramatic 20% share price one-day drop (it’s still down Read More

Napa County Real Estate Market Report – July 2018

Two economic issues currently in the U.S. may impact the Napa housing market. The first is the mounting trade wars with China, Europe, Mexico and Canada. The second is rising interest rates (2 more are planned by the Federal Reserve Bank but with inflation rising there is talk of a third), tightening Read More

Napa Valley Real Estate Market Report – April 2018

It might have been March’s very rainy, wet weather that caused Napa’s home and condominium buyers and sellers to temper their actions. It might have been stock market volatility. New home and condominium listings were both down, as were home sales. Condominium sales eked out a very small increase. Sold Read More