Real Estate Q & A – Episode 7

Welcome to the latest installment of our real estate question and answer series.

Every week we answer three questions from social media and the comment section. Watch the video for the quick answers and read on for even more detail

Q: Should I paint my home before selling?

A: Maybe. Buyers can only see the finishes of the home, scuffed up or peeling paint may make the home appear uncared for. This is not the impression you want to give when seeking top dollar. That orange and purple bedroom your child loves? Well the buyer might not like it. Neutral interior colors and a freshly painted exterior can add to the appeal of the home.

Q: What do I need to do before my real estate agent shows my home?

A: Clean up any clutter you can. Put away valuables especially anything small that may fit in someone’s hand. Take down and put away personal photographs or anything else you don’t want visitors to see. You want the potential buyer to picture themselves in the home.

Q: Is it true there are required inspections to sell?

A: Sometimes! Unlike the optional home inspection services some contractors provide, some localities have requirements for permits or water and energy conservation. These could require the installation of low flow fixtures, sewer lateral inspection and repair, the installation of weatherstripping and/or insulation or finalizing open permits. A good real estate agent will be familiar with these requirements. Contact us for the specifics in your area.

What questions do you have about San Francisco, the Bay Area, or just real estate in general? Please let us know by commenting below!