The Best House Cleaning Tips for Budget-Conscious Dog Owners

Dogs fill our homes and hearts with laughter and joy, but sometimes they aren’t the tidiest companions. When it comes to keeping up with Fido’s messes, you might sometimes feel like you need a live-in maid.  However, with a few handy ideas you can keep your home clean without spending a lot of money, time, or energy.

Keeping odors in check.  One of the biggest fears for many pet owners is that their home will start smelling like a kennel.  Keeping hair and odors under control when you have a furry friend can be challenging.  Changing your HVAC filter every two months is an excellent first step toward odor control.  It can keep odors from building up in your home in the first place, making it easier to manage during times when your cat or dog is shedding more.  As the seasons change from summer to autumn or winter to spring, our beloved companions typically tend to shed more than other times of the year.  Be extra diligent in changing your filter during those high-shedding seasons.  Some animals seem to generate more odor than others, due to their breed or personal habits.  Sprinkling baking soda on carpeting or in areas where your pet lingers is another inexpensive and easy way to combat odors.  Just let the baking soda stand overnight before vacuuming it up.  

Groom regularly.  Routine grooming can go a long way toward reducing pet hair and odors in your home.  Brush your dog daily if she has a thick or long coat, and give her a bath regularly with an appropriate doggy shampoo.  In between shampoos, wipe your dog’s coat with a damp towel or with special pet towelettes to reduce odors.  No matter how much grooming you do, there’s likely going to be some shedding. Make sure that you have a vacuum that can remove pet hair; some models come with a brush roll which can pick up thinner hairs.

If your pooch likes to meander through puddles, consider making a washing station in a mudroom or next to the door where your furry friend goes in and out all the time.  It can be as elaborate or simple as you want, making do with an appropriately sized tub, some old towels, and spray bottles, or you can build your own custom, tiled DIY dog shower, à la This Old House.

Smart furniture choices.  For the sake of you and your pooch, you should take fabric selections into account when choosing upholstered furniture.  Even if you don’t allow your furry family member on the furniture, pet hair can become airborne, so choosing fabrics like leather or microfiber can be a boon.  A tightly woven fabric in the same color as your pooch is another idea for keeping maintenance easy, and plan to give it a thorough vacuuming regularly.  Putting throw blankets or towels over your furniture can make cleaning up a breeze, especially if you do let your dog lounge on the couch with you.  Choose something you can throw in the laundry regularly so tidying up fur, dander, and drool is easy and convenient.  Martha Stewart suggests shaking out the cover in between washings, just take it outside and give it a vigorous wave.

When accidents happen. Even the best-behaved dogs have accidents now and then. If your doggy has an “oops” due to an upset tummy or when potty training, an enzymatic cleaner can help you keep your home deep-down clean.  The enzymes are proteins that work on all sorts of natural issues, such as urine, vomit, and feces, and you can use them inside your home or even in the yard.  There are inexpensive, enzyme-based cleaners for purchase at virtually any pet supply store or most big retailers offering pet supplies.

Keeping your home clean and odor-free can seem tough with some pups. Dogs offer so much love, and things like hair and odors are just part of the package.  However, with some well-chosen strategies and a few good products, your home can be fresh, tidy and clean.

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