Real Estate Q & A – Episode 6

Welcome to the latest installment of our real estate question and answer series.

Every week we answer three questions from social media and the comment section. Watch the video for the quick answers and read on for even more detail

Q: What should a seller disclose?

A: In California, sellers of 1 to 4 unit residential real estate properties must provide written disclosures to the buyer. There are exceptions so be sure to ask your agent. A Seller should disclose anything material to the purchase of the home. Disclosures protect the seller in the long run and share potential concerns up front. A good rule of thumb: If you have to ask if it should be disclosed, then disclose it!

Q: Should a seller do inspections prior to marketing?

A: Pre-inspections can be a great idea. They help put the seller in the driver’s seat in negotiations, may bring cleaner offers, and let the seller know about issues they may not be aware of up front. The result is a potentially smoother and less risky transaction for the seller.

Q: Should I stage my home?

A: Yes! First impressions are important, and most buyers will first see a home in photos online. Staging allows professional photography to really shine and provides a neutral setting that a buyer can see themselves in. It isn’t about how you live, or your design style. Selling is all about making the home most appealing to the largest possible buyer pool.

What questions do you have about San Francisco, the Bay Area, or just real estate in general? Please let us know by commenting below!